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OpenSSL-1.0.1n depots available for download

Honored Contributor

OpenSSL-1.0.1n depots available for download

6 CVE's fixed. waiting for the mirrors to sync


SHA1 sums plus direct links

98a41f8e82842a07b3b95fa68a7b845f77788f8c     (32bit)
b24f11643e11090c1ca2ad09651dee7616992435     (32bit)
81ebec8ce4bdb03103545c911a22bf11b3ce6d66     (64bit)
56babd997801aec029a620279f4eb862468f8efe (64bit)
b0f23af88f11b94a5b6c599fa764f1b0b7934df2     (64bit)
d7b51318c226664417a857d1aab687d3e6538e0f     (64bit)


Mirror sites: (high bandwidth) (high bandwidth) (low bandwidth) (which looks outdated)

Installation instructions:
su# cd /tmp
su# bzip2 -d
su# swinstall -s /tmp/ \*

will install in /usr/local

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn