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OpenSSL-1.0.1o depots available for download

H.Merijn Brand (procura
Honored Contributor

OpenSSL-1.0.1o depots available for download

waiting for the mirrors to sync


SHA1 sums plus direct links

fb149dd922a6cce0034f5b2ff63528ddd9d8465f     (32bit)
af3ca83c43cb3029efd50e183befcf2eafeb07b7     (32bit)
86128c2edaedadc0bfb3c7a3c85f03e9c7776634     (64bit)
f1acf77d3545d7f622f5d87193635f4f2b203ed3 (64bit)
1844832631e2a2ba2642d1f027d25a24fa5ca112     (64bit)
488c7d4da7a35222bcd07a7b16814eed3221563e     (64bit)


Mirror sites: (high bandwidth) (high bandwidth) (low bandwidth) (which looks outdated)

Installation instructions:
su# cd /tmp
su# bzip2 -d
su# swinstall -s /tmp/ \*

will install in /usr/local

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn