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Restricted ftp access

Steve Lamont_1
Occasional Advisor

Restricted ftp access

I need to setup two users with the equiv of ANON ftp. the users would login and the ftp deamon would chdir to the home dir. but at the moment they are able to switch between lower level directories,
I have created the etc and bin dir's in the user home nad copied ls in to the bin dir, the etc has the sia/matrix.conf file and the single line passwd
the users shell is /usr/bin/false (disallowing telnet login)
Under other OS's there is a file ftpaccess where the allowed users are entered and the directoies that they are allowd to access.

the only mention of this i have found is with the WS-FTP app.

is there a set of procs/rules that Tru64 should use

I have searched the web but 99% of the results are for the WS-FTP app

help grealy appreciated