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SMSE on 11i v2

Nina O'Shea
Occasional Contributor

SMSE on 11i v2

Server on HP-UX 11.23 (ia64), not-trusted, and want to install SMSE (Standard Modes Security Extensions) for the enhanced security and auditor's demands.

Note: I'm not converting to trusted mode and not upgrading to 11.31

Has someone gone through this process (or know about it) who I can talk to?

HP support has been kind of “narrow minded” reporting back to me only what’s on their documentation and "couldn’t find any known issues with SMSE in their internal database".

I'm looking for real user experience since we don’t have a test system to play with.

I'm mostly concerned about 'gotchas' that only pop up after the fact such as password resets, will sudo still work, will cron jobs and application processes that require login be affected in any way, will the failed login and password change/expired messages be the same (my application reads them to redirect users)

Many thanks,