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Securing Apache directory

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Securing Apache directory


I have several pages in apache that I want to secure with user and password. Securing it with basic authentication in Apache is not enough.

Can you please suggest a good and relatively not very complicated ways to do it? Also, link to how-to guide will be more than appriciated :)

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Re: Securing Apache directory

Try the crypt command.
Vibhor Kumar Agarwal
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Re: Securing Apache directory

Note that Unix crypt is a poor encryption scheme.

I'd suggest HTTPS, using client and server side certificate checking vs. basic_auth (which is the native username/password scheme). HTTPS has been done a lot, so there are plenty of examples / libraries out there to help.

Alternatively, if you really want to use user/pass, you could *not* check the client cert (still checking server cert to avoid man-in-the middle), and then use basic auth over HTTPS.
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