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Securing Name Server

Jeff Smith
Frequent Advisor

Securing Name Server


I have several Alpha Servers (using Tru64) and using NIS for users and hosts management. I wonder ways to do more secure it or replace it with different tools.

is it possible to use ldap or nis+ for this purpose or different 3rd party commercial solutions on Tru64 ?

Also, please indicate me any link or document showing security comprasion between these product about.

Any answers, help, link will be appreciated.

Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: Securing Name Server

Tru64 doesn't do nis+, it does do ldap.

If all of your systems are Tru64, the easiest solution would be to enable Enhanced Security and distribute the Enhanced Security map with NIS. This will prevent non-root users from seeing the encrypted passwords.

For V5.1B there is more information on this in the Security Administration manual.