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Shadow passwords on Tru64

Kristi Keith
Occasional Visitor

Shadow passwords on Tru64


I just applied the ShadowPassword bundle to my HP-UX system. Now I want the same ability for my Tru64 systems. How do I enable shadow passwords? I do not want to set up a trusted (C2) system.

Stuart Fuller_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Shadow passwords on Tru64

With Tru64, you get the standard passwd file mechanism, or you get the C2 system.
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: Shadow passwords on Tru64

Yes. I think you need to enable Enhanced Security to get the shadowing working.
Phillip Brown
Frequent Advisor

Re: Shadow passwords on Tru64

Run "sysman secconfig"

Select ENHANCED security over BASE

Select the SHADOW profile (over UPGRADE or CUSTOM)

"The SHADOW profile enables shadow passwords so that the encrypted
passwords are not visible in /etc/passwd and sets related defaults."

Use defaults for the rest.

When you're finished, reboot.