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Steps to install sshd in tru64 4.x OS

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Steps to install sshd in tru64 4.x OS

Just a sharing of the install steps.

zlib v1.1.4 or higher ( get it from )
openssl 0.96 or higher ( get it from )
prngd ( Due to tru64 didn't provide /dev/urandom either /dev/random, yuo need prngd to insteal edg to generate random numbers for secure key, you can get it from
openssh-3.8p1 or higher ( get it from )

In this case, I use following version software, test ok with my 4.0D OS.


.: START :.
1. extract all the tarballs
2. start install process
## install zlib
cd /tmp/zlib-1.2.3;./configure --prefix=/usr/local/zlib;make;make test;make install

## install prngd
cd /usr/local/prngd-0.9.29;make;cp contrib/prngd.conf.osf1 /etc/prngd.conf;
* Must bring up prngd before install openssl, otherwise install openssl will failed
-- Bring up prngd
echo 12345678 > /etc/prngd-seed
cd /usr/local/prngd-0.9.29/;./prngd /var/run/egd-pool
`ps -ef|grep prngd` to verify.

* To stop prndg, use `./prngd --kill /var/run/egd-pool`

## install openssl
cd /tmp/openssl-0.9.6m;./config --prefix=/usr/local --openssldir=/usr/local/openssl;make;make test;make install

## install openssh
cd /tmp/cd openssh-3.8p1;./configure --prefix=/usr/local/openssh --with-zlib=/usr/local/zlib --with-ssl-dir=/usr/local --with-md5-passwords --without-
shadow --without-osfsia;make;make install

* Note: In configure phase must add --without-osfsia, otherwise in make phase will fail

3. Bring up the sshd daemon
# groupadd sshd;useradd -g sshd sshd
cd /usr/local/openssh/sbin;./sshd
ps -ef|grep sshd to verify

-- install process end --

you can start your ssh client to connect the host.