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System entitlement not been set

Frequent Advisor

System entitlement not been set

Hi, all
I installed ISEE v4.0 installed on a Windows box. When going to http://localhost:5060/start.html, there's a message popping up "system entitlement fields have not been set".

Where do you set up the entitlement information?
Thank you.
Trusted Contributor

Re: System entitlement not been set

Hello slvan,

The entitlement information can be set in the following way:
Start your ISEE client. Now select configuration options, then company.
There you can enter the SN, Prod. Nr., contract identifier, and select the contract type.
Important! You must have a properly working connection to HP, otherwise the registration fails.
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: System entitlement not been set


Go to Configuration options, System. If you do not see the Entitlement section (Serial number, Product #, Contract ID...), this means your Server has not been able to communicate with HP Backend.

The mad.log should give you some indications of the problem.

Make sure to configure Proxy Server, Proxy Port if needed, if you do not need Proxy, then port 80 on your Firewall must be opened.

Hope this helps,