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The heartbleed bug

Hi Friends,

Anybody know about impact of a recent disclose vunerability ''Heartbleed" bug to HP-UX? and how to prevent it?

Thanks in advanced.




Patrick Wallek
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Re: The heartbleed bug

I just wrote an internal whitepaper for my company regarding this.


In a nutshell, you need to check the versions of OpenSSL you are running on your system.  You can do this in a couple of ways.


# openssl version


Will check the version that is in your $PATH.


You should probably also check and see if you have multiple versions installed on the system.


One way to do this is:


# swlist -l product openssl


It is entirely possible that you have a version from HP installed, that was installed by default with the OS, and also a separate version that was installed from the HP-UX porting and archive centre.


HP's latest version of OpenSSL is available here, but it is based on ver 0.9.8y and 0.9.7m of OpenSSL.


The latest OpenSSL from the HP-UX porting and archive centre is here:



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Re: The heartbleed bug

HP says, HP-UX is not affected:

(unless you installed openssl from another source ...)

Hope this helps!

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Re: The heartbleed bug

By the way, if you need to explain the Heartbleed bug to a non-technical person, this comic strip can be very helpful: