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Transfering C2 users

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Transfering C2 users

I have 2 alpha servers, acting as primary and data base replicant secondary, for disaster recovery - the problem is both need to run C2 and if primary fails the user passwords on the secondary will not be the same, is there any way of copying user accounts + passwords to the secondary server?

Thanks in advance

Victor Semaska_3
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Re: Transfering C2 users

To have it done automatically, you'd have to set up NIS (Network Information Service). Refer to the 'Network Administration: Services' manual for details.

To do it manually, this is how I've done it:

On the primary server:
# /tcb/bin/edauth -d p -g > /tmp/p.auth

Copy /tmp/p.auth to the secondary server.

On the secondary server:
# cat /tmp/p.auth | /tcb/bin/edauth -d p -s

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Venkatesh BL
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Re: Transfering C2 users

You can probably put both the commands in a script and run it as a 'cronjob'