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check for trusted system

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Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

check for trusted system

how can I determine the trusted or not status of a Tru64 server from the command line ?

on hpux I run command


let it error out and if exit status is 2 system is trusted if exit status is 5 it is not trusted.

is there something similar to this on Tru64 ?

Thanks in advance
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Abdul Rahiman
Esteemed Contributor

Re: check for trusted system


If you are talking about enhanced security, couple of different ways,
1) Check for if the prpasswd daemon is running,
# ps -ef | grep prpasswd
root 528 1 0.0 Jul 21 ?? 0:00.01 /usr/sbin/prpasswdd

2)Use the sysman command, it works fine in the menu mode,
# sysman -secconfig
But, when I tried the sysman -cli command, I don't get a proper value, may be I am missing something here,
I tried a sysman command like this,
# sysman -cli -list values -comp secconfig -group curmode
Error: {--NULLKEY--}
Above was the output, any comments from HP ?

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Re: check for trusted system

We can use iscomsec call for this. It will check weather the /tcb/files/auth/system/default file available or not.

If the /tcb/files/auth/system/default security file is available, the system is trusted one.

or If we use SAM, auditing and security field ---> auditing or security field access will prompt that try to change trusted one to do this action for the untrusted system.

Easy to suggest when don't know about the problem!
Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: check for trusted system

Determining if the system is a "trusted" system is not necessarily a simple matter. There are several security mechanisms that can be in use on the system and multiple security mechanisms can be in use at the same time. There is information on Security Mechanisms and how they are configured on Tru64 UNIX in the Security manual (or Security Administration manual for V5.1B).

The security mechanism on Tru64 UNIX that is usually associated with "trusted" systems is Enhanced Security. It handles Identification and Authentication as well as some other security functions. The information on which security mechanisms are in use on your system and in what order they will be called is in the matrix.conf file. See "man matrix.conf". If your system is configured to use the Enhanced Security mechanism, some of the entries in the matrix.conf file will be updated to use the Enhanced Security shared library,

Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: check for trusted system

OK, so I put in the background info without putting in the answer :)

If you want to check from the command line that Enhanced Security is enabled on your system do "rcmgr get SECURITY". For Enhanced Security the response will be 'ENHANCED'.

Checking for prpasswdd is not definitive as not all versions have a prpasswdd and it does not have to be running for Enhanced Security to work.

All that checking for the existance of the Enhanced Security files (i.e. /etc/auth/system/default) will tell you is if the Enhanced Security subsets have been installed on your system and/or you had Enhanced Security enabled on your system at one time.