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d_boot_authenticate on tru64

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Linda Card
Frequent Advisor

d_boot_authenticate on tru64

Hi, I am new to working on a tru64 4.0g (I know, old, huh?). I am trying to harden it as best I can. I had hoped that Enhanced Security was configurable on this box but cannot see how. Is this version too old for Enhanced Security? On setld I get:
OSFC2SEC445 installed and
OSFXC2SEC445 installed

But get nothing on sysman secconfig. Well, I get a usage blurb for config_report and escalation. Not sure what that is.

I cannot even get a manpage to come up for sysman.

I need to require a password when booting to single user mode. The former sysadmin left before I got here. How do I set/choose/ change that password?

I tried d_boot_authenticate@=c2 (added the =c2) in /etc/auth/system/default but when I init S, and get password challenge, I enter the only password that anyone remembers and I get -:mesg:not found
Tried who -r to see if I was at Single User but no go. Do I need to edit something in /tcb/auth/files?

Is there a good resource (book, web) for tru64 4.0g until we can get approval to upgrade?

I appreciate any help.
Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: d_boot_authenticate on tru64

d_boot_authenticate isn't used by tru64 UNIX/Digital UNIX/DEC OSF1 for any version, it's a holdover from DEC MLS+. To require the root password for single user mode in tru64 you use the sulogin command (see the man page for sulogin to see how to set it up). You don't need Enhanced Security enabled in order to use sulogin.

To enable Enhanced Security for V4.0g you use the secsetup command (see the man page for more info). For V4.0* sysman isn't used for any system configuration operations.

There's more information on Enhanced Security in the V4.0G Security manual:

The rest of the V4.0G manuals are also available online:

Linda Card
Frequent Advisor

Re: d_boot_authenticate on tru64

You are awesome. You answered every question and pointed me to the online docs, too.
Thanks you.
I had forgotten how good hp online help (itrc) was.
Points assigned and closed.
Linda Card
Frequent Advisor

Re: d_boot_authenticate on tru64

You solved my problem. Thanks again.