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how to enable disabled root

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how to enable disabled root

i have modified /etc/passwd file.i have replaced 'x' with '*' before root user got disabled.after logging out ,again i am unable to login to can i rectify dis thr any process to change /etc/passwd file from guest user.but /etc/passwd file have only read permissions to guest account.
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: how to enable disabled root

You'll need to boot into single user mode and then reset the root password.

# shutdown -h now

>>> boot -fl s <- Boots into single user mode

# /sbin/bcheckrc <- Gets disks mounted
# passwd <- To change root password

Since you're worried about the /etc/passwd file you're probably not using Tru64 'enhanced security.' Things get a little more complicated if you are.

Re: how to enable disabled root

i solved my problem wid the help of reply posted here.
i the reply it is given as login into single user mode using following
boot -fs s
but wid that i am unable to login as single i searched for someother soln. i found the following soln wid which i could rectify my answer..

when boot order appears..move control to federo and press 'e'
after that move control to line starting wid 'kernel' and press 'e'
after that ...add a space and then 1 to the line
and press enter to save that
after that press 'b' to boot
dis will take us to single user mode.
where i modified the /etc/passwd file again.and reboot the system safely