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ixTripwire man pages?


ixTripwire man pages?

Things that make you go hmm... I wonder why HP would go to the effort of bundling up Tripwire for their 11i v3 Internet Express product, then not include the man pages?

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: ixTripwire man pages?

Have you looked through all of the files in the bundle?

Perhaps it forgot to set /etc/MANPATH?

Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: ixTripwire man pages?

>> Perhaps it forgot to set /etc/MANPATH?


Don't know about that, but when I look at a depot containing ixTripwire and look at the files in the ixTripwire.Tripwire.TRIPWIRE-MAN fileset I only see:


# ixTripwire                            A.19.00- Security and Data integrity tool
# ixTripwire.Tripwire.TRIPWIRE-MAN      A.19.00- Tripwire Manual Pages


which looks like an empty directory structure...


maybe the OP should contact the Internet Express team directly at for some feedback - I don't know enough about Tripwire to know if there even _should_ be manual pages, although a quick look at the source on sourceforge suggests there are...



Re: ixTripwire man pages?

Thanks. I believe there are supposed to be man pages for trip wire; some of them get posted online for Linux.