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ldap account password expiration

Qing Zhu

ldap account password expiration

tru64unix 5.1b patch#4 ldap server/client + C2 security

My question is:
Is password expiration supported at all for ldap accounts? So far, everything is working
except I can not change password when a ldap account actually expires.

root@sms20.lana.ems/::/usr/users/admlogs# dlogin sms01

OSF1 (sms01) (pts/4)

login: test
Last successful login for test: Wed Aug 18 17:20:58 PDT 2004 from LOCAL:.sms20
Last unsuccessful login for test: NEVER

Your password has expired.

Old password:
Password not changed: old password entered incorrectly.

Login aborted due to no password.


Looks like the old passwd I entered is always incorrect, but "passwd" command works fine, I can use "passwd" to change it before account expires. Weird???

Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: ldap account password expiration


If you have a support contract you should open a problem report on this. It will at least get you the definitive answer if password expiration is not supported by ldap. If password expiration is supported by ldap it will get you a patch to fix the problem.