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ldapux integration with openldap, using automounter

Robert Mach
Occasional Advisor

ldapux integration with openldap, using automounter



I have been struggling with integrationg the ldapux (B.05.01) autethication agains users stored in openldap directory. Everything seem to work fine after some time of playing around.


The only thing I can't get working are the automounter maps. For configuration of ldapux client, I don't use neither setup or autosetup, it just don't work with openldap. I set it up by configuring the files and the authentication works fine. 

Only  the automounter's maps for autofs wont. I have created the maps ldif from files using the script, I sucessfully placed them in the directory, I placed following attribute in the appropriate uxprofile:automount:,dc=app,dc=company,dc=test (pointing to the right ldap entry), but I can't get the ldpaux client to even search for the autmount maps in the directory. There is no such a logs on the directory.


Is there some place where I can tell the ldapux client to serach for the maps in directory? 

In /etc/nsswitch.conf i have : 

automount:      ldap


Does anyone have a clue?




Robert Mach
Occasional Advisor

Re: ldapux integration with openldap, using automounter

Any ideas, anyone?

Re: ldapux integration with openldap, using automounter

Try with the following contents in your /etc/auto_master file: 


# ll /etc/auto_master
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 87 Jul 9 11:31 /etc/auto_master

# cat /etc/auto_master
/net -hosts -nosuid,soft,nobrowse
/home /etc/auto_home -nobrowse


In auto_home I also put 



at the first line.