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u_unlock Enhanced security meaning

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Jim Giles

u_unlock Enhanced security meaning

I am running Enhanced security and OS version 5.1B Tru64. The deault of 86400 seconds is set on the u_unlock field.

Does this mean that an account will be unlocked automatically after the 24 hours period? Or, does it mean that the account will be available to unlock by an administrator after the 24 hours period?

I do not see any locked accounts re-enable automatically and need to know how this parameter works.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: u_unlock Enhanced security meaning


here is a cutout from security administration.



A.2.2.4 Maximum Login Attempts
In breakin detection, consective login failures are counted and compared to a
maximum for a user (u_maxtries) or for a terminal (t_maxtries). If the
maximum is exceded, then logins to the user account or the terminal are
disabled for a time period specified by u_unlock or t_unlock. To disable
breakin evasion for user accounts, set u_maxtries to 0. To disable for
terminals, set t_maxtries to 0. The default database entry for users
would be as follows:
A.2.2.5 Time Between Login Attempts
If the default evasion time (86400 seconds or 24 hours) is not appropriate
for your site, change the u_unlock field to an appropriate value for your
site (number of seconds before a success is recognized after the last failure,
once the u_maxtries limit is reached). Setting the u_unlock field to
0 (:u_unlock#0:) sets the time between login attempts to infinity (no
automatic reenabling occurs). The equivalent behavior for terminals is
controlled by t_maxtries.