/usr/lbin/modprdef & /etc/default/security in HPUX 11.31 / 11.23 and 11.11

Kennedy G. Doss
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/usr/lbin/modprdef & /etc/default/security in HPUX 11.31 / 11.23 and 11.11

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During our 11.11 days, I remember we used to lock accounts and set password lifetimes using /usr/lbin/modprdef commands (the parameters were umaxlntr and exptm, if I am not wrong) on trusted servers.


They changed this in 11.31. I believe there were two new parameters introduced in the /etc/default/security file (PASSWORD_MAXDAYS and AUTH_MAXTRIES). Please let me know if my assumption is correct.


I want to know how these two parameters were set in 11.23 as well. Was it using /usr/lbin/modprdef or by defining them in /etc/default/security?


Thanks in advance for taking the time to go through this and replying to me.