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HPSA : getServerScriptJobOutput functionality ?

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HPSA : getServerScriptJobOutput functionality ?

Hoping to make use of this command within global shell to retrieve job output from the mesh.

Anyone have an example of how to use this, e.g. what parameters to use ?

Have tried the HPSA documentation but could not make sense of what parameters are needed for such a use of the command.
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Re: HPSA : getServerScriptJobOutput functionality ?

You need to specify the job and the server.

For example:

./getServerScriptJobOutput job:i= server:i=

The twister docs have this information (snippet below). You will also find the dev/api guides useful.

job - the reference to the job
server - the server to get the output from the script
the detailed results
java.rmi.RemoteException - if a system level error occurs or server communication error occurs
AuthorizationException - if the user is not authorized to view the results from job
IllegalValueException - if job is an illegal value or the job is still running or server was not part of job
NotFoundException - if job is not found in the db.

Required Roles: