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Query on Data Access Engine


Query on Data Access Engine

Hi Experts,


Is Data Acess Engine will be installed only in Multimaster-mesh?


As i am running some SA phyton scripts in a Dev environment(Single Host) and getting Error "Unable to import Data Access Engine libraries: exceptions.ImportError, cannot import name M2Crypto.  Is the Data Access Engine installed on this host?".


Please let me know how to find the Data Access Engine installed in SA Host.




Valued Contributor

Re: Query on Data Access Engine



If you use the wrong python interpreter you'll need to modify the system path in your script to see the SA installed python modules


Some scripts are written to work in OGFS,  others from the OS.   


Can you post a sample script?



-- Lars

Re: Query on Data Access Engine



we are getting this complete error. 


FAILURE OPS python-1.5.2-1 in inventory but not in RPM database


Is there any way to fix this issue..?


 generated on the first box of the primary core in the mesh. [y/n] y

Invoking OCT, this may take a while...
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 44, in ?
import TERMIOS
ImportError: No module named TERMIOS

Any valuable suggestions here to fix the issue..!!