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VmControl 'Connection failed'

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VmControl 'Connection failed'

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Hello everyone! Can anybody help me? 


The following error repeatedly occurred when we try to shutdown (reboot, suspend) any virtual machine (x86_64 and x64 arhitectures) on SA managed ESXi hypervisor.



Exception:   com.opsware.common.VirtualServerMgmtException

ID:   HPSA-017

Code:   com.opsware.common.MessageSpec.SPOKE_COMMUNICATION_ERROR

Details:   Communication with the OGFS Java RMI server failed.

Details: ID:   HPSA-1217

Code:   com.opsware.virtualization.VirtualizationMessageSpec.VMWARE_VMMGMT_ERROR

Details:   For Command: /opsw/apx/bin/v12n/apx/utility poweroff --hvId='{--hypRef=630001 --vmSerial=208}' --debug 

 Error Message: 630001 [92] FAIL 92 VmControl 'Connection failed'



/var/opt/opsware/log/v12n/utility-vvs.log :

2012-05-18T11:10:05,690920000 24484: 'Using -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 15948 Mar 23  2011 /opt/opsware/vmm/bin/'

2012-05-18T11:10:05,691787000 24484: 'control -a poweroff -s 208 -h -e vvs -d'

2012-05-18T11:10:05,692770000 24484: 'Beginning 'control' operation'

2012-05-18T11:10:05,703803000 24484: 'Setting LOCALE to en_US.utf8'

2012-05-18T11:10:05,706492000 24484: 'username = cm9vdA=='

2012-05-18T11:10:05,707848000 24484: 'Begin /opt/opsware/jdk1.6/bin/java -Xmx256M com.opsware.vmm.vmware.VmControl - "-a'

2012-05-18T11:10:13,691608000 24484: 'End /opt/opsware/jdk1.6/bin/java -Xmx256M com.opsware.vmm.vmware.VmControl - "-a'

2012-05-18T11:10:13,694373000 24484: 'fault.RestrictedVersion.summary'

2012-05-18T11:10:13,900452000 24484: 'fault_string '

2012-05-18T11:10:13,902008000 24484: 'FAIL 92 VmControl 'Connection failed''

2012-05-18T11:10:13,903779000 24484: 'Finished (rc: 92)'

2012-05-18T11:10:18,940241000 25021: '####'

2012-05-18T11:10:18,942920000 25021: 'Using -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 15948 Mar 23  2011 /opt/opsware/vmm/bin/'

2012-05-18T11:10:18,943855000 25021: 'scan -h -e vvs -d'

2012-05-18T11:10:18,944940000 25021: 'Beginning 'scan' operation'

2012-05-18T11:10:18,960031000 25021: 'Setting LOCALE to en_US.utf8'

2012-05-18T11:10:18,962877000 25021: 'username = cm9vdA=='

2012-05-18T11:10:18,964335000 25021: 'Begin /opt/opsware/jdk1.6/bin/java -Xmx256M com.opsware.vmm.vmware.Scan - "-r"'

2012-05-18T11:10:32,411324000 25021: 'End /opt/opsware/jdk1.6/bin/java -Xmx256M com.opsware.vmm.vmware.Scan - "-r"'

2012-05-18T11:10:32,416416000 25021: 'Finished (rc: 0)'


Where -  hipervisor's IP , vvs – SA user with all permissions   


SA Core OS:       RHEL  AS4 , 2.6.9-89 x86_64

ESXi version:      ESXi  4.1.0, build 348481 x86_64


We can't handle with that annoying error. =/ Upgrading  entire core components  to  last, 9.13 version  gave no result.

Everything else seems to be OK.

I ever think about  decompiling /opt/opsware/vmm/lib/vmm-vmware.jar ...


Re: VmControl 'Connection failed'

Hello ws1


Just to know, does that connection failure occur only when you reboot/shutdown a VM?



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Re: VmControl 'Connection failed'

Hello Ricardo.


Yes, only when I reboot/shutdown or suspend. As you can see from the log with scan operation everything ok

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Re: VmControl 'Connection failed'

Finally I got it.


Issue is that the ESXi vMA interfaces are read-only if it's free licensed, so SA can't shutdown/reboot/suspend any VM via its scripts.

Re: VmControl 'Connection failed'

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Hi WS1


Glad you fixed your issue.


I will write a KB article about this, so others customers can benefit of your solution.


Thanks and have a nice day!

HP Support
If you find that this or any post resolves your issue, please be sure to mark it as an accepted solution.