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CL380 CR3500 drives not visible to windows after a drive swap

Matthias Jetleb
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CL380 CR3500 drives not visible to windows after a drive swap

We have inherited a decomissioned CL380 from our server farm and have been trying to set it up in our head office as a clustered exchange server. We got to the last step in the process when one of the 3 35GB drives failed. Since the unit wasn't in production yet, we decided to replace all three drives with 70GB Ultra3 drives and start over. We did this by:

1) completely removing Exchange as per a Microsoft document on setting up Exchange in a cluster

2) Uninstalling the cluster service via Add/Remove Programs->Windows Components.

3) Shut Everything down and replace all three drives in the same slots. I don't see any place on the drives (new or old) for a terminator, so I assume this is done internally in the array rack??? This is why I put the drives in exactly the same slots.

4) Reboot the PC, start the CR3500 array configuration utitlity and add all three drives to a RAID-5 array. Allow the Array to be built and reboot.

Now I have two questions:
1) In the CR3500 Array Configuration Manager, the drives are correctly identified as 68.361GB capacity (each) but the total array size is listed as 67.826GB when it should be 136.72GB, less any overhead.

2) I had expected the drive to show up in My Computer (Windows Server 2000 Advanced, SP4) but it doesn't. I checked DISKMGMT.MSC, thinking I had to assign a drive letter and format it, but it isn't there either.

In desparation, I shut down the lower node and re-installed the OS in the upper node. Windows still doesn't see the array but the CR3500 utility does.

For what it's worth, I used StartSmart 5.50 to erase the node, set the controller SCSI ID to 6 and re-installed Win2KAS.

Any ideas on what to do about this?