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CL380, Installing 2003

Warren Bromige
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CL380, Installing 2003

I have installed a new version of the OS using Windows 2003 on upgrading the disk. ?I cannot get 2003 to see the CR3500 controllers and get the CR3500 configuartion utility to work

Can anyone help with driver locations etc.. ?


Doug de Werd
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Re: CL380, Installing 2003

Try here:

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Andrzej Kowalik
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Re: CL380, Installing 2003

Honored Contributor

Re: CL380, Installing 2003

Try this:

The Compaq SCSI Ultra-2 drivers that are loaded were provided by Micrsoft (not HP). Apparently the 7.10 Support Pack does not include this driver and so both server nodes in the CL380 were using MS drivers and not HP drivers.

These Ultra-2 interfaces are what connect to the shared disk - so I knew they were the key to fixing the problem.

I downloaded the HP driver and replaced the Microsoft version with the HP version. Viola - it fixed the problem!!!!

To get the lastest file that I used for Windows 2003, use:

Not sure if this is the same for CL1850, but I believe they are (the DL380 G1 is basically the same as the CL1850 - just a new name (the guts might be a little different).