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Server Clustering
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CL380 -- rebuild Node1 (disk crash)

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CL380 -- rebuild Node1 (disk crash)

Hi ALl,

any advice or procedures on rebuilding/reinstall a Node1 on a CL380 , windows 2K advanced server, the node1 disk crashed before a replacement was available :(

I figure its a reinstall of the OS, etc., but I don't want to overwrite any information about Node2 information.

So any advice is appreciated.

At least Node 2 is still up.
Doug de Werd
Honored Contributor

Re: CL380 -- rebuild Node1 (disk crash)

Basically do a re-install of the OS and cluster software.

First go to Node 2 (the surviving node) and use Cluster Administrator to "Evict" Node 1. Then install the OS and appropriate drivers on Node 1. While Node 1 is connected to the shared storage, install the cluster SW and have it "Join" the existing cluster.

Cluster-specific information for both nodes in the cluster is shared between the 2 nodes, so you won't lose anything regarding node 2 when you re-install node 1. And when node 1 rejoins the cluster, all of the shared cluster information (held on node 2) will be sent to node 1.

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