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CMU 7.1 - Cloning Issue

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CMU 7.1 - Cloning Issue



I'm taking CMU 7.1 for a test drive on a development server. I shook out most of the fuctionality already and everything seems to be working just fine... except for cloning. On a single compute node, I successfully kickstarted and backed up the node. However, when I try to clone it, I see the following in the cmucerbere log:


[1-Nov-2013_12:42:05] [CerbereDB] Locking node
[1-Nov-2013_12:42:05] [CerbereServer] Building Net boot Image
[1-Nov-2013_12:42:08] [CerbereInquisitor] Evaluating if we need to stop
[1-Nov-2013_12:42:08] [CerbereInquisitor] Number of connected clients: 0
[1-Nov-2013_12:42:08] [CerbereInquisitor] Number to clone: 1
[1-Nov-2013_12:42:13] [CerbereInquisitor] Evaluating if we need to stop
[1-Nov-2013_12:42:13] [CerbereInquisitor] Number of connected clients: 0

... [repeats a lot]

[1-Nov-2013_12:50:08] [CerbereInquisitor] Node cn1 is in status CERBST_NET_BOOTING since 483.000000 secs
[1-Nov-2013_12:50:08] [CerbereNB] Removing netboot entry for node cn1
[1-Nov-2013_12:50:08] [CMUTools ] about to run: -->/opt/cmu/tools/cmu_remove_node_from_dhcp cn1 &> /opt/cmu/tmp/CMU_TEMPO_FILE_RITXff<-- cmu_system_helper
[1-Nov-2013_12:50:09] [CMUTools ] about to run: -->/etc/init.d/dhcpd restart &> /opt/cmu/tmp/CMU_TEMPO_FILE_U5HbZ2<-- cmu_system_helper


[1-Nov-2013_12:50:10] [CerbereDB] Database report:
[1-Nov-2013_12:50:10] [CerbereDB] | cloned | error | unknown
[1-Nov-2013_12:50:10] [CerbereDB] sandbox | 0 | 1 | 0
[1-Nov-2013_12:50:10] [CerbereDB] Total | 0 | 1 | 0


Not really too sure where to begin troubleshooting. I am hoping that someone can help.


Brent Gawryluik

UBC WestGrid


Re: CMU 7.1 - Cloning Issue

Sorry sorry! I saw this issue a long time ago. Has to do with the following sshd_config setting on the CMU server node:


#PubkeyAuthentication yes
PubkeyAuthentication no


Figured out a way to work around it. Problem solved.