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CMU v5.1 patches release announcement

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CMU v5.1 patches release announcement

The following patches are available for CMU v5.1 on the HP Support Center:


1. PATCH-CMU_5.1.1-X86_64-0001 - Fixes a bug in cmu image editor which prevents extraction of cciss backup images having only a single partition.


2. PATCH-CMU_5.1.1-X86_64-0002 - Patch to remove stale cmu netboot options files before starting a netboot/backup/cloning process.


3. PATCH-CMU_5.1.1-X86_64-0003 - CMU Netboot image patch containing:
    - Fix for netboot hangs seen on BL2x220cG6 servers which have COM2 configured as vsp
    - Large ARP cache table settings for big clusters
    - Bug fix for parted tool to support extended logical partitions creation while cloning


4. PATCH-CMU_5.1.1-X86_64-0004 - Adds new/additional metrics support for monitoring Nvidia GPUs


To download the patches:


- Go to (or) and sign-in.


- Under "Download Options" in the left-hand column of the web-page, click on "Patch Management"; click on "Find patches by product"; then click on "Cluster Management Utility"


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Re: CMU v5.1 patches release announcement

The following new patches are available for CMU v5.1 on the HP Support Center:


5. PATCH-CMU_5.1.1-X86_64-0005 - Adding diskless functionality support for distros: RHEL5u5, RHEL5u6, RHEL5u7 & SLES10 SP3, SLES10 SP4

6. PATCH-CMU_5.1.1-X86_64-0006 - Fix for a cmu_image_open bug which would result in a composite image made of several older images