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Can't open the CMU web page

Occasional Visitor

Can't open the CMU web page

Hi Everyone, 


I've just installed the CMU 7.1 on Redhat 6.4 and I can't open the CMU page


when i restart CMU, this is the output


cmu:core(standard) configured
cmu:java running (*:1099)
cmu:cmustatus running
cmu:monitoring not running
cmu:dynamic user groups unconfigured (cf /opt/cmu/etc/cmuserver.conf CMU_DYNAMIC_UG_INPUT_SCRIPTS)
cmu:web service running (port 80)
cmu:nfs server running
cmu:dhcpd.conf configured ( subnet netmask { } )
cmu:high-availability unconfigured


and this log



raw cmuserver exit code is 0
[28-Jun-2013@18:49:58] end_cmu_event: exit code sent to /bin/sh(4740) is 0


Netstat indicates that the host is listen on port 80, but I can't open the webpage


Any pointers?



Re: Can't open the CMU web page

Does you browser take forever trying to connect to the URL and then gives up with an error message, or do you get a different web page?  What is the exact result in the browser when you try to open that URL?


My first assumption: If you are trying to open the URL from outside the cluster network (say from your desk), maybe your firewall is blocking port 80.  If so, make sure you open port 443 as well.


If you are on the head node's physical console, then maybe you have another http server running on port 80.  CMU includes its own http server with a default to port 80.  I doubt this is it, because I think it would refuse to start if port 80 was already taken.



Occasional Visitor

Re: Can't open the CMU web page

Hi Dave, 



Thanks for the reply,  I installed RHEL server edition, so there is no browser on that machine. My notebook is plugged into the same switch as the CMU and my nodes, so there is no firewall.

I installed CMU straight after installing RHEL, and the machine is not running any other programs.




Re: Can't open the CMU web page

There would be a browser if you installed one.  I have installed countless RHEL servers, and have always had a browser.  Install Firefox and try opening http://localhost.  You should then see the CMU web page.


Did you follow the CMU installation instructions to the letter?


Just because you are attached to the Admin network, does not mean there is no firewall.  Did you check to see if your firewall was stopped, and/or in iptables you explicitly opened the port by which the head node is attached to the Admin network?