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My heartbeat(NIC) is not failing over.two ml350 with RA4100 storage system.
Martin Breidenbach
Honored Contributor

Re: Clustering

Sorry but I don't understand what you mean.

You say the heartbeat nic doesn't fail over. On each node a NIC should be configured for heartbeat and during a failover it keeps the IP address that is used for internal cluster communication.
Doug de Werd
Honored Contributor

Re: Clustering

Yes, it's difficult to understand the problem. It might be helpful if you could provide more details regarding your network configuration, and also describe what symptoms you are observing.

You should check that you are using static IP addresses for the heartbeat and public networks, as well as for any cluster groups - do not use DHCP for any of these. Also, the 2 NICs used for the heartbeat should ber on the same IP subnet, and this should be different from the NICs used for the public LAN (which also need to be on the same IP subnet.

Expert in ProLiant Clusters
Philip Sharp
Occasional Visitor

Re: Clustering

Hi Muhammand,

From your description, the other guys are right, it is difficult to ascertain what your exact problem is! Have you a sketch of the system you can attach in word format etc.

What version of OS+SP are you using as behaviour of the cluster under network failure is different between NT, 2000 and 2003.

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