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HP Insight CMU v7.3.2 is now available on "HP Software Updates and Licensing" site


HP Insight CMU v7.3.2 is now available on "HP Software Updates and Licensing" site

A new  version of HP Insight CMU v7.3.2 is now available for download on the "HP Software Updates and Licensing" site -

This version contains many bug fixes and usability improvements.


**IMPORTANT** : Customers upgrading from HP Insight CMU v7.1 or earlier versions to v7.3.2 must obtain new license keys. Keys for v7.1 or earlier versions will not work with HP Insight CMU v7.2 and later versions. 

If you have  an active Insight CMU support contract, please go to to obtain the new license keys.


**IMPORTANT ** : If you install/upgrade to HP Insight CMU v7.3.2, DO NOT install the patches for older CMU versions (v7.3 or v7.2).  All the patches for older CMU versions (v7.3 or v7.2 etc..) are already included in the latest HP Insight CMU v7.3.2.


New Operating system & Hardware Support in HP Insight CMU v7.3.2:


  - RHEL7.1 is supported on the Management node and compute nodes.

  - SLES 12 is supported on compute nodes only. (btrfs filesystem backup/cloning is not supported)


HP Insight CMU v7.3.2  Highlights:


This release is focused on improving the usability of the product.


  • Users no longer need to explicitly blacklist the "ahci" driver in the PXE config files under the /opt/cmu/etc/bootopts/ directory for proper backup and cloning of HP Dynamic Smart Array RAID volumes. The corresponding drivers ("hpdsa" or "hpvsa") are automatically loaded before the "ahci" driver module in the HP Insight CMU network boot environment.


  • HP Insight CMU v7.3.2 officially supports OpenJDK.


  • Users receive more detailed information when errors are encountered during GUI launching.


  • HP Insight CMU v7.3.2 provides the ability to push data from the machine running the GUI to the /tmp file system of the management node. This functionality eliminates the requirement for Windows users on HP Moonshot systems to install any ftp, scp, or sftp clients on their Windows machine running the GUI, thus bridging the gap between Windows and Linux.


  • Additional checks added during HP Insight CMU installation, upgrades, at service startup, auto-install, backup and  cloning.


  • The new 'Hierarchical node search' mode is introduced for fast filter access.


NOTE: For more details on new/changed features and bug fixes, refer the "HP Insight Cluster Management Utility v7.3.2 Release Notes" available at


How to download Insight CMU v7.3.2 DVD ISO from the "Software Updates and Licensing" site:


If customer has an active Insight CMU support contract, then go to the "Software Updates and Licensing" portal :


Step 1: You need to login into "Software Updates and Licensing" portal via HP Passport account. If you don't have passport account , please create and login.


Step 2: You will land onto "Software updates and Licensing" home page where it shows "Select an SAID" or "Directly enter an SAID"


Step 3: Enter the SAID number and check "terms and conditions" checkbox and finally click "View available products"


Step 4: You will be redirected to "Software Updates and Licensing - product list" page. List of products associated with the given SAID number will be displayed.


Step 5: Choose your product from the drop-down list "Show a single category/ product center".


Step 6: All your products are displayed in this page. You need to select the product and click on "Get software updates" link.


Step 7: Then, You will be redirected to "Software Updates and Licensing - downloads" page. If you want to download software, click on "Get Software" link.


Step 8: Select the relevant "Software" i.e., “HP Insight CMU v7.3.2 DVD” and click "Download" link (or) "Use HP Download Manager".


How to download Insight CMU v7.3.2 Patches from HPSC:


Step 1: Go to


Step 2: "Sign-in" via HP Passport credentials.


Step 3: Under "Product Support" Tab, click "Download Options" in the left-hand column of the web-page, and then click the "Patch Management" link.


Step 4: You will be redirected to "Welcome to Patch Management" page. If you don't see "Welcome to Patch Management" page, please contact HP Support Center.


NOTE: You must have an active software updates support agreement in your HP Support Center profile in order to access Patch management.


Step 5: Click on "Find patches by  product" (middle of the page); then click on "Cluster Management Utility".


Step 6: Add Patches of "Insight Cluster Management Utility V7.3.2" to the download basket and click "Download Selected". 



HP Insight CMU Team