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HPE Insight CMU v8.2 is now available on "HPE Software Updates and Licensing" site

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HPE Insight CMU v8.2 is now available on "HPE Software Updates and Licensing" site

A new version of HPE Insight CMU v8.2 is now available for download on the "HPE Software Updates and Licensing" site.

**IMPORTANT** : Customers upgrading from HP Insight CMU v7.3.2 or earlier versions of Insight CMU to v8.2 must obtain new license keys. The Insight CMU license key format has changed from v8.0 onwards. Keys for v7.3.2 or earlier versions do not work with Insight CMU v8.2 and later versions.
To obtain new license keys and v8.2 software, please follow detailed instructions mentioned at the end of this annoucement.
**IMPORTANT** : With the release of v8.2, Official support for Insight CMU v8.0 is discontinued.

HPE Insight CMU v8.2 Highlights:

- Insight CMU supports more recent Gen 9 and to-be-released Gen10 systems.
- New security enhancements like grizzly https based webserver and monitoring agents running by a non-root user have been implemented . See Security improvements section for more details.
- REST/API has been extended to cover more operations, such as power operations and image capture/deploy.
- Scalability improvements have been made, particularly for boot time when using diskless (in RAM,diskless CMURAM) deployments.
- Fixed bugs/usability issues.

New OS and Hardware support:
- Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit are supported on specific Moonshot server cartridges.
For more details , refer section "Operating system support" in "HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility v8.2 Release Notes" available at
- HPE ProLiant servers XL170r, XL190r, XL220a, XL230a, XL250a, XL270d,XL420, XL450, XL730f, etc. are supported with this release
NOTE: For more details on new/changed features and bug fixes, refer the "HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility v8.2 Release Notes" available at

Obtaining HPE Insight CMU v8.2 software and v8.x licenses from the "Software Updates and Licensing" site:
Customers with valid Insight CMU support contracts can download their Insight CMU license using the
following procedure.

1. Go to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise support website
2. Click Software Updates and Licensing.
3. Log in with your HPE Passport credentials. You will need to create an HPE Passport account if you do not have one.
4. On the Software Updates and Licensing page, click Directly enter an SAID.
5. Enter the SAID number.
6. Select the Terms and conditions checkbox.
7. Select the View available products checkbox.
The Software Updates and Licensing - product list page displays with a list of products associated
with the entered SAID number.
8. In the Show a single category/product center field, select your product from the drop-down list.
The Software Updates and Licensing -downloads page displays.
9. Click Get Software to download software.
10. Click Get License to download a license.

How to download Insight CMU v8.2 Patches from HPE Support Center:
Customers with valid software update support contracts can download the latest Insight CMU patches.

1. Access the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center website
2. Click the Product Support tab.
3. Click Download Options in the left column.
4. Click Patch Management.
5. Enter your HPE Passport credentials.
The Welcome to Path Management page displays. If this page does not display, contact the Hewlett
Packard Enterprise Support Center.
6. Click Find patches by product in the middle of the page.
7. Click Cluster Management Utility.
8. Add Insight Cluster Management Utility patches to the download basket.
Do not download patches for Insight CMU versions older than your installed version.
9. Click Download Selected.

HPE Insight CMU Team