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Insight CMU v7.2 is now available on HPSC (ITRC)

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Insight CMU v7.2 is now available on HPSC (ITRC)

HP Insight CMU v7.2 DVD ISO is now available for download on the HP Support Center portal -

**IMPORTANT**: License keys for older versions of Insight CMU will not work in CMU v7.2.  Customers upgrading from older versions of Insight CMU to v7.2, must obtain new format license keys from the licensing/Support Center portal.  If you have an active support agreement, please go to to access the new format v7.2 license keys.

What's New in this release:
  - HP Insight CMU v7.2 fully supports new HP Moonshot cartridges,chassis, and firmware including h101,
    m300, and quad-node m700.
  - HP Insight CMU v7.2 GUI no longer requires an X server.
  - Support for Microsoft Windows provisioning for specific HP Moonshot cartridges.
  - cmudsh and cmudiff improvements making them faster, better, and stronger.
  - oneSIS diskless support (Tech Preview).
  - A 'smart terminal' which is able to propose the usual contextual menu when the cursor is positioned over an HP Insight CMU compute node name.  
NOTE: For more details on new/changed features and bug fixes, see the "HP Insight Cluster Management Utility v7.2 Release Notes" available at

How to download Insight CMU v7.2 ISO from HPSC:
1. Go to

2. Click 'Sign-in' in the upper right-hand corner and login.

3. Under "Download Options" in the left-hand column of the web-page, click the "Patch Management" link.

NOTE: If the "Patch Management" link is not visible after login, you may need to migrate your ITRC account and/or provide
your SAID number in order to access the Patch Database. You can migrate your ITRC account here:

4. Click on 'Find patches for a product' (middle of the page); then click on 'Insight Cluster Management Utility'.

5. Add "CMU-V72" to the download basket and click "Download Selected".  

NOTE: Do not download older CMU patches (v7.1 or v7.0) if you are installing Insight CMU v7.2.

Insight CMU Team