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MA8000 and cluster

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MA8000 and cluster

I am new to the cluster and SAN technologies and would like to have some advises here. Currently we have a Compaq Cluster using 2 DL380 G1 with Windows 2000 AS and configured them a cluster. We also created 5 raidsets and several LUNs from a Compaq MA8000 (HSG80 with V8.6) with a multiplbus failover setting for shares and the quorum resources to the cluster. Because we are running out of space and plan to replace all existing small disks with 84 142GB hard drives (6 shelves * 14 per shelf).

My questions are:

1. What is the recommended plan?
2. Do we need to delete all disk configuration (DISKs, Raidsets, units) except connection name settings (reuse)?
3. Because it involves in the cluster. Do we need to move the quorun drive or recreate it?
4. It also involved in the new disk signatures when we create new LUNs with new signatures. What is the procedure to correct the problem if the cluster didn't recognize the old signatures?
3. We have several resources such as share resources using the SAN storage. Do we need to delete them and recreate them again? Can we just stop the cluster service on both nodes and reuse them?
4. After creating the LUN, how these LUNs are recognized by servers? How can I set them up so that they can be used as a disk resources?

Thanks for help
Doug de Werd
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Re: MA8000 and cluster

see answers in SAN forum

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