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MSA500 Raid1 Array Expansion on DL585 Cluster

Ben Westfall
Occasional Visitor

MSA500 Raid1 Array Expansion on DL585 Cluster

I am running a clustered SQL 2000 environment Active/Active. Each of the DL585's have their own internal hdd's for OS but all disks for the Cluster are in the MSA500. The firmware is 1.52 on the MSA. It has redundant controllers.

Bay - Disk
1-8 - 72GB (two raid5 arrays)
9 - 72GB hotspare (global)
10 - 36.4GB
11 - 36.4GB
12 - 36.4GB
13 - 36.4GB
14 - 72GB hotspare (global)

There are two RAID1 Arrays that consiste of 2 x 36GB scsi hdd's. We are planning to replace those disks with 146GB hdd's. Wondering what is the proper way to do this?

If we pull a 36GB drive it will immediately start rebuilding on one of the global 72GB hotspares. Should/Do I have to wait for that rebuild to finish before putting the 146GB drive in?

I tried unselecting the hotspare from the Raid1 array's but when I committed the change the msa went offline and I tanked our sql cluster till I could reset the msa500. This leads me to believe any array config change will have to be made with the cluster services stopped. I assume the cluster services pings the quorum too often to allow the config changes to take place.

Once were successful in replacing the drives will the capacity expansion require downtime?