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MSA500 failover test

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Sebastian Koehler
Occasional Visitor

MSA500 failover test

Is there a way to test failover of the MSA500 controllers in the MSA500 G1 or G2. If a controller is removed but not in failure state all nodes crash.

How can I test the failover of a redundant path to the MSA? (2 SCSI cables per node)

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Doug de Werd
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA500 failover test

You should just be able to remove the Slot 1 controller and activity should failover to Slot 2 controller. However, there is a minor problem with this in some cases, and is referenced by a Read This First card that ships with MSA products at this time. This RTF states that removing the MSA controller in Slot 2 may cause system to halt. This concern will be addressed in upcoming Firmware release.

As far as redundant path failover (2 SCSI cables per node), be sure the Multipath software for MSA500 is installed. The Multipath User guide details how to manage your Multipath environment (depending on which OS).

To access the Multipath User guide:

Look under "self-help resources", click manuals (guides, supplements, addendums, etc)

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