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ProLiant-Paketcluster DL380 G2

Amila H.
Occasional Contributor

ProLiant-Paketcluster DL380 G2

HP Agents update on HP ProLiant-Paketcluster DL380 G2 Server OS NW6.5 Sp5,
Any time since 2004 I try to update my Servers with new HP Agent’s
Server stop to communicate with other Server and workstations
after few hours
This is the message on server:
Available ECB's on server "xyz" was in a SUSPECT State
Current Value - 7
Peak Value - 1 *
Max Value - 10000
Current SUSPECT threshold = Less than 10 ECB's and Critical threshold = Less than 2 ECB's
Current SUSPECT trigger delay = 30 and Critical trigger delay = 60

Server is still working fine, so that I can unload survey.nlm and cpqwebag.nlm
without problem.
After that my Server start again to communicate with other.
See TID from Novell:

Did any one have same problem?
Just last Saturday I try again to update HP Agent’s and I got same problem.


Marek Nelec
Honored Contributor

Re: ProLiant-Paketcluster DL380 G2

When does it happen? When you load CPQDPLOY.NLM? Have you tried unloading all agents using CPQHLTAG.NCF?
Amila H.
Occasional Contributor

Re: ProLiant-Paketcluster DL380 G2

I can load cpqdploy and install new Agents without any problem.
No I didn't user CPQHLTAG.NCF to unload.
I unload just this 2 NLM's (survey, cpqwebag)
manual, after that everything works well.
Server stops to communicate wit other sometimes in 2 sometimes in 4 hours.
It's depend on work day ore weekend.