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Problem with cluster

Werner Kelm
Occasional Visitor

Problem with cluster

I have a problem with the configuration of a cluster with MS W2k3 Enterprise Server and ProLiant DL380_G3 Clusterpackage with MSA500.
The hardware configuration is as follows:
in each DL380 two harddrives are configured on RAID 1 at the internal connection of the SmartArray5i controller. The MSA500 is attached at the external Connector of the SmartArray5i controller.

On the MSA500 I configured an RAID5 Array over all six hard drives and then one logical drive with 1GB. This should be the Quorum drive. I formatted the drive in Windows and assigned a drive letter (Q) in both nodes.

When I start the Clusteradmin installation always fails with the error: "can`t find a quorum.."
Can anyone give me a hint, what is wrong in the configuration?
many thanks in advanca
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with cluster

Have you figured out the problem yet?

Some questions if not...

1. Is the second node "off"?

2. Are you sure it is 1GB and not 1MB or 100MB?

3. Your not using an different Smart Array Controller?

4. Did you buy the packaged cluster? or the MSA500 package with the addition 642 controllers?

I have seen Windows not find a quorum drive that I set up ONLY when the quorum is on the same bus as the system drives. Check your cluster setup logs and read through it carefully. It might see the drive, then notice it is on the same bus/controller. Not sure if there is a work around for it except to have seperate controllers.

Steven Clementi
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