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Proliant Cluster

Craig Siddle
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Proliant Cluster

Is it normal when using shared storage for the space to appear seperate? Once I create a partition both servers can see it and copy files but they only list their own files, they cannot see each others. This is a 380 packages cluster. Ultimatly i would like to configure clustering under windows 2003. Are there any recent step-by-step instructions / white papers as i am finding it difficult.

Thank you in advance.
Doug de Werd

Re: Proliant Cluster

Yes this is the way it is supposed to work. The cluster software allows both serevrs to see the partition, but only one server can "own" it. If both had simulataneous access to it, the data would get corrupted.

You might want to check out these links for more info, or just do a Google search on "Microsoft cluster basics"
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