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Root-NFS: no NFS server address

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Root-NFS: no NFS server address

Trying to backup a node that was already imaged with CMU.


The node PXE boots and starts the CMU kernel but after about 50 seconds, it stops with:


Root-NFS: no NFS server address

VFS: Unable to mount root fs via NFS, trying floppy.

VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER


Then it just sits there. CMU will time out waiting for it to netboot.

I verified that its next-door neighbor can NFS mount the exported filesystem:

mount -t nfs headnode:/opt/cmu/ntbt/rp /mnt


"cmu_mgt_net_info " returns the proper IP address of the headnode.


[root@headnode cmu]# service cmu status

cmu:java running (*:1099) (PAM)
cmu:cmustatus running
cmu:monitoring running
cmu:web service running (port 8080)
cmu:nfs server running
cmu:dhcpd.conf configured ( subnet netmask { } )
cmu:high-availability unconfigured


The machine has a Broadcom NetXtreme II 5771x 10GbE card but the CMU kernel looks like it sees it ok.


The PXE file for this node is generated by CMU when it starts the backup process:

DEFAULT cmuclone
LABEL cmuclone
KERNEL cmulinuz
APPEND root=/dev/nfs console=tty1 console=ttyS0 ramdisk_blocksize=512 ip=::::::bootp


Not sure how to make this work - any tips would be helpful.


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Re: Root-NFS: no NFS server address

Using CMU v7.0


Re: Root-NFS: no NFS server address

HP Insight CMU v7.0 is an older and unsupported version. This issue might be because servers' Network card might need upgraded NIC driver ( not avalilable on CMU v7.0)

 It is always recommended to upgrade to latest supported HP Insight CMU versions ( v7.2 and v7.3) to get support for latest hardware.

 Please upgrade to latest HP Insight CMU v7.3 and try to netboot the node again.

 What type of servers are these ?

 Have you applied all avalibale CMUv7.0 patches?

 Please send us the compelete VSP console log.

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Re: Root-NFS: no NFS server address

I'm starting to think that this could be an MTU problem. We switched everything to 9000 on the network, but if the CMU kernel is using 1500, then perhaps that's the issue.

Either that, or there's a switch interferring with the traffic.


The machine that I'm trying to back up is a DL380p Gen8.

The CMU master is a  DL380 G6.



Re: Root-NFS: no NFS server address

Have you installed all the available patches for HP CMU v7.0 ?

If not, please install all available HP CMU v7.0 patches to  support Gen8 servers.


It looks like network driver issue. To confirm this, please check if you can see 'bootp' request messages (e.g. : Sending BOOTP requests . OK ) on console and check whether IP got configured on node's VSP.


And yes, MTU value may also cause nfs mount failures. Please change MTU to 1500 on CMU managetment node and try to network boot the node again.