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Server cannot detect physical drives in shared storage

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Server cannot detect physical drives in shared storage

I have been trying to configure the SCSI drives in the shared storage with the cr3500 config utility. I have tried everthing in the support forums as far as drivers and agents and nothing has worked. Neither server can see any of the drives in the shared storage and when I run the CR3500 config utility I get communication errors. I tried to update the firmware from the Array Config utiltiy and I get the same error that it cannot communicate with the subsystem. Also, I cannot see any physical drives in the CR3500 Array Config utiltiy. Question---When I boot the server I do not see the 4 SCSI drives located in the shared storage or the cr3500 controllers before windows starts to load. I get a Bios message just before windows starts to load that says "No SCSI devices have been detected" (The same thing happens on both nodes) Is this normal??? I do see the internal array for my Windows 2000 OS and the OS loads fine. My SCSI IDs are correct for both nodes. Node 1 SCSI ID 6 Node 2 SCSI ID 7. In windows device manager I do see the cr3500 under other devices.


Re: Server cannot detect physical drives in shared storage

I suggest you to check if you can see the disks in
Programs->Adminsitrative tools->computer management-> Storage-> Disk management.

If not then you need to configure the array properly.

What is the Server ?