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Small Monitoring Daemon (SMD) does not start on some nodes CMU 7.1

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Small Monitoring Daemon (SMD) does not start on some nodes CMU 7.1

I'm doing some fancy cloning,

we have several clusters, same HW, so I want to reuse the image

from one node to another cluster, same disklayout etc.


I do a dummy install with the right disk partitioning.

Then I replace the image files partachi-sda*.tar.bz2


Deploy image ok, and runs as expected, so far so good, this works fine on a OS level.


But CMU does not like this, the SMD does not start on the nodes.

I can get it to start if I do (in the CMU GUI) Monitoring -> stop then start Monitoring Engine.


But when I reboot a node SMD doesn't start on that node.


Any advice ?



Re: Small Monitoring Daemon (SMD) does not start on some nodes CMU 7.1

How many nodes do you have in your cluster?

Are all nodes part of network entity ?

Do you mean that every time when you reboot a compute node, you need to restart monitoring to get SMD running on compute node?

did you wait for few minutes after node boots successfully?


Please Increase monitoring debug level CMU_SEC_MONITORING_DEBUG_LEVEL and CMU_SMD_MONITORING_DEBUG_LEVEL to 9 in cmuserver.conf

Restart monitoring daemon, wait for few minutes. Then reboot one compute node, wait for few minutes and check if monitoring starts.


Please check these logs for errors:

On compute where secondary monitoring daemon is running:


On problematic node: