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VMware ML380 Cluster

Jeffrey Getz_1
Occasional Contributor

VMware ML380 Cluster

I need some help. I'm trying to set up a test VMware cluster using 2 ML380's SCSI connected to a Netserver RS/12 storage array. I need to configure the array into cluster mode so that I can utilize VMotion on the Redhat Virtual Machines that I'll install. Does anyone have experience doing this? Thanks, Jeff
Doug de Werd

Re: VMware ML380 Cluster

I think you're going to have a hard time getting this to work. That is an older storage box and is probably not supported with the servers (BTW, do you have ML370 or DL380 - no ML380). What SCSI connection are you using? If it is any type of Smart Controller (integrated or PCI) it will not work with anything other than an MSA500 storage box. You *may* be able to use a standard non-RAID SCSI card, but you would not be able to have any RAID ont he storage, plus there is no guarantee that it would work in a multi-initiator mode.

With VMware, you set up the clusters between individual VMs.

VMware has some info on their web site (search for "cluster")

But I am pretty sure this is not a supproted HW configuration.

Expert in ProLiant Clusters
Jeffrey Getz_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: VMware ML380 Cluster


Thanks a lot for the reply, even though it wasn't really what I wanted to hear :-)

I spoke with a VMware system engineer today, and he said that shared scsi won't work. You have to store the VMware vmfs images on a SAN. So, even if I had config'd the array in cluster mode it wouldn't have worked.

Thanks anyway for your response!