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iscsi cluster

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iscsi cluster

I installed a windows 2003 storage server cluster.
I have FC storage( HP EVA) and everything is OK.
I want to use this cluster as a ISCSI to SAN gateway.
I installed microsoft iSCSI target software in the cluster, I configured generic resource for the iSCSI target software.
everything seems OK. My test machine can connect the active node of cluster.
But when I shutdown the active node, test machine can not connect the new master node of cluster.
On cluster, everything seems OK. The generic resource can move to new node and running.
On my test machine, microsoft iSCSI initiator says " trying to reconnect".
when I stop and start the microsoft iSCSI initiator on the my test machine, it can connect easyly the new node.
what can be the problem?
is there a paramater in microsoft iSCSI initiator?
Patrick Terlisten
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Re: iscsi cluster


try this one:

Hope this helps.

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Best regards,