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AD Migration Utility- "The directory is busy"

Jennifer Auiler_3
Occasional Advisor

AD Migration Utility- "The directory is busy"

When I ran the schema extension utility, the utility fails with "The directory is busy" on the results screen. By clicking 'back' & 'install' I eventually got the utility to work, but the AD team at my corporation will not allow me to run this on the production network until I know what is causing this. Does anyone know what directory activity might cause this? Or what I can do to avoid this altogether? I'm trying to orchestrate a very large deployment, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ted Turner
New Member

Re: AD Migration Utility- "The directory is busy"

I get the same thing and a message at the end of the install that shows objects not having been created. I did get it finally to the point where I could add a new HP object, but when doing so, I get the message that there are HP objects missing from the schema.