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AD Migration using HPQLOMGC on ILO2

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AD Migration using HPQLOMGC on ILO2

I'm having a strange problem with the command line tool thats comes with the AD migration GUI tool. I have incorporated teh cmd (HPQLOMGC.exe) into a script that has sucessfully migrated approx 2000 windows ilo, riblo ribloII servers over the last year.

Along comes ilo2 and it seems that HP have forgotten to add support to the command line, the problem I am having is that HPQLOMGC thinks that the ilo2 is an ilo and attempts to update the firmware becuase its a lower version that the supported ( it the looks in the XML file but seems to use the ILO tag and therefore tries to use the fireware image for the ILO with for obvious reasons will not work.

Has anyone come across this problem? please help..
Hefyn Williams
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Re: AD Migration using HPQLOMGC on ILO2

Seeing exactly the same thing as you. Have you found a workaround yet?
Have a call open with HP Enterprise Support, if I hear anything positive I will let you know!

Std. Out returns:
HPQLOMGC (v1.13) Copyright 2003,2004 Hewlett-Packard Company

> server01 is a iLO.
> Negotiating SSL with server01:443
> Sending XML
> server01 has firmware 1.29.
Firmware path for this device cannot be empty.

barnett chan
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Re: AD Migration using HPQLOMGC on ILO2


Did you modify the xml file yourself to include iLO2? The hpqlomgc does not support iLO2.