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Access ILO2

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Access ILO2

We are moved from location and we have new IP Numbers. We moved server but forgot to re-config the ILO2 board. So we can's access it anymore.

When boot server and press F8 ILO2 is asking a password? never use that, so unknown by me, Even the label with password will not work.

How to access or reset the ILO2 board?

Thanks in advance.
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Access ILO2

What should work.

Turn it off.
Lift the lid and look at the switch setting diagram on the underside.
Set the reset admin password switch on.
Turn it on.
Use any text as the password.
Change the password in admin properties
Turn it off.
Turn the switch off.
Put the lid back on.
Jimmy Vance

Re: Access ILO2

Once you change the password using the switch method, you also might want to change the option in the iLO settings that require a password for iLO RBSU access.

If your system has the PSP installed, you can change the admin password and the IP address using hponcfg and the proper xml files from the OS

NOTE: when hponcfg is run locally USER_LOGIN and PASSWORD are not used, but must have some value present for the xml to work

Change Admin Password

Change IP address

To disable iLO RBSU password

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Re: Access ILO2

I did this on a mixture of about 90 hp g3, g4 and g5 servers without turning them off.

Use hponcfg /reset which will reset the ILO then use hponcfg to dump the xml files.

ILO is ace.
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Re: Access ILO2

So many reply in a short time..!! Thanks

Yes it works....

Only DNS on internet take a few minutes to find the right direction to my PC...Pffftt

Greetings from Holland..
Occasional Advisor

Re: Access ILO2

Problem solved, see aboce solution.