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Access iLO info and properties from the OS

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Access iLO info and properties from the OS

I would like to get some iLO (4/5 Gen8/9/10) informations from the OS through SCCM. Right now I use the WBEM for iLO4 and the HPESysInfoCmdlets for iLO5 however I have a specific need to query an iLO custom property that is customizabile by the user, for example the login banner.

The need I have is to query something on the iLO where I can add some custom text (in my case a version number, like [V1.1.2]) that can be retrieved by SCCM through the OS. This is because we have iLO configuration script that is powershell based and I need to make sure that each time we run it, I know which version of our script (and related iLO configuration) run on the ilo. This property then needs to be queried by the OS/SCCM for reporting.

I know it's quite tricky but I wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything that can help me accomplish this.


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Re: Access iLO info and properties from the OS

Have you taken a look at the  HPE Online Configuration Utility ?


Re: Access iLO info and properties from the OS


As stated by Brad in the previous response, please use the HPE iLO Configuration Utility and check since you have mentioned that you have the iLO configuration script.

Ideally the WBEM and SNMP agents are used for the iLO to communicate with the OS to provide the traps or notifications on the failures. 

Bypassing the OS to get the failures or hardware details can be done using the Agentless Management Agents. 

Other than that, there are no other agents to communicate with OS and iLO to send or receive traps. 




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