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Accessing LO100c through internet ??


Accessing LO100c through internet ??

How do I access the LO100c card through the internet? The manual says that it is possible to do this, but not say how.

What port needs to be opened and forwarded in the NAT router to access the web page? Does it have to be Port 443? I need that port for other server functions?

So if I cannot use another port for the SSL connection, what else can I do to access the LO100c over the internet? Can I connect through SSH using PuTTY?

What do I do? Which is the best way? I would like to be able to use the web interface with virtual KVM if possible, but some sort of text console access would do if there is no other way.


Re: Accessing LO100c through internet ??

Doesn't anybody know??
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Re: Accessing LO100c through internet ??

wouldn't be more secure a VPN???

that's how we access that in our company

Active Key - VPN
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Re: Accessing LO100c through internet ??

This is a my home server, and the machine with the LO100c actually runs my VPN (OpenVPN using SSL), amongst other things, so the VPN might not be running when I need to access the machine through the LO100c.

I have found that I can connect to the LO100c using SSH, on the default Port 22. But now I want to see how I can use key authentication, rather than just password protection.

It probably does not matter too much though, as I suppose there is not much a hacker can do through the LO100c, apart from turn the server off or something.