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Activation Key ilo Adv. Pack

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Activation Key ilo Adv. Pack


I have a question regarding the activation key received in the ordered advanced packs for the ilo boards.

I have noticed that one activation key can be used on all my ilo boards. I now have three activated ilo boards with the same key, now i'm wondering if this would have any effect on the features of all three cards?

Please provide us with a anwser as it would considerably shorten the deployment of the boards if only one key can be used on all our servers.

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Re: Activation Key ilo Adv. Pack

You will need to activate each iLO w/ a separate license. If you want to shorten the deployment of these iLO's, HP does offer a multiple unit license that can be purchased to support this kind of operation. Please visit the following site for more info.
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Re: Activation Key ilo Adv. Pack

Thanks for your reply. We will discuss this option internally. We were not familiar with this Proliant package.