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BL30p ILO Problems

darren franklin
Occasional Advisor

BL30p ILO Problems

Has anyone out there had any issues with the ILO locking up on the BL30p. We are mid deployment and have had numerous problems with this and have no idea why this may be happening. The only way to reconnect is to reset the ILO or wait for the server to restart during the job. As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating.
Any help or advise would be most welcome

James Hughes_2

Re: BL30p ILO Problems

This could be the result of a couple of different problems. I have seen this problem before and it has something to do with the communication between iLO and server management module.
Do you have physical access to the rack enclosure? If so, you should check the cabling on the server management modules and insure the server management modules are properly connected. If the server management module LED is consistently flashing, the management module is not properly wired.
If the modules are improperly wired, correct the cabling.
Then reset the server management module of the enclosure where your BL30p is located.
You will need a small paper clip or something to reset the module.
Even if the modules are properly connected, you should reset all of the modules. Especially the power modules.

Other things you may try, be sure you have the latest server management module firmware. I know they have address issues in that firmware. I think the latest is 2.10.

Let me know if this works.